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Flows of Japan’s ODA for health

Update : August 26, 2019Data Visualization

This interactive chart aims to visualize the flow of Japan’s ODA for health to understand how much is disbursed to which regions or countries and to which health focus areas. By switching between the two tabs on the lower right corner, you will be able to see flows by regions or countries or by health focus areas.

Pointing the mouse over each region or countries, you will be able to see details of the amount disbursed in each region and its percentage within the category or flow. You will also be able to see details for the health focus areas in the same manner after selecting “Health Focus Area” at the bottom right corner of the visualization page. By selecting the “Source”, “Channel” or “Region” on the top, only the selected categories will appear on the chart to allow for detailed view within each category. Clicking on the vertical bars of “Source,” “Channel,” and “Region,” located in the left, central, and right corners of the page, you may view a more detailed breakdown of each category item.

The figure on the lower left corner will show the total amount disbursed from the categories selected. By clicking on the “Year” and sliding it from left to right, you will be able to see changes over the period from 2012 to 2016.

Updates include

Estimated Japanese ODA contributions to the health sector through non-health specific multilateral agencies (development banks, etc.), which is now included in the total amount of the previous data. The estimation was calculated to account for ODA contributions for health that are not identifiable in non-earmarked contributions to non-health specialized multinational agencies.

Methodology for calculating imputed multilateral contributions

  • Step 1
    Based on reports from multilateral agencies to the OECD DAC, flows to the health sector of each organization are calculated as a percentage of total ODA disbursements (I health share of the agency’s total ODA)
  • Step 2
    Based on this report, shares of each agency's ODA disbursements in health to each region as well as each health focus area are calculated (II region-specific share of the agency’s health ODA, III health focus area-specific share of the agency’s health ODA)
  • Step 3
    Multiplying I, II, and III obtained for each multilateral agency by the total amount of Japan's contribution to the agency, we estimated flows of Japan’s contribution for health through the agency
  • (Example) The Ministry of Finance's multilateral contribution to health through the World Bank is estimated by multiplying the total amount of the Ministry's contribution to the World Bank by I. In addition, contributions to a particular region and health focus area is estimated as total ODA × I × II and total ODA × I × III, respectively.

For estimated I, II, and III of multilateral agencies for each year, see here( File : imputed percentages.xlsx(152kb) )

How to Use Japan Tracker

Track 001-3 are the visualizations of the same data from different perspectives. A leaflet explains how to use it.

Leaflet(English): JapanTracker_Track001-3_ENG.pdf (6.04 MB)

Leaflet(Japanese): JapanTracker_Track001-3_JPN.pdf (5.77 MB)

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